Monday, May 21, 2018

Vegetarian Thanksgiving pizza ideas

I just found our pizza menu from our big Thanksgiving pizza party 2 years ago!! Everything turned out amazing! All pizzas were Neopolitan style!

Pizza 1
No tomato--use olive oil
Fried sage
Roasted butternut squash cubes with fresh grated nutmeg
Home candied walnuts

Pizza 2
No tomato--use olive oil
Flash fried kale (at super high heat)
Carmalized apple
Sage (optional)

Pizza 3
(Okay, it's not a Fall pizza, but I need a margherita pizza as a baseline no matter where I am--even at home!)
Preserved farmers' market tomatoes
Fresh basil
Egg (optional--cracked in the middle and cooked until just solid in the whites)

Pizza 4
Parsnip puree as a sauce
Roasted carrots and potatoes

Pizza 5
Mushroom slices sauteed in butter, salt and a touch of red wine
Thyme, fresh
Garlic confit
Fresh arugula after taking it out of oven (optional)

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