Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just what the world needs... another food blog.


Well, I aim to make this one a little different.

I can honestly say that I've waded through thousands of food blogs and cookbooks over the years but have yet to find any single resource that stands out as truly remarkable.

So what makes a food blog remarkable?

Flavorful, bold, unapologetic, exotic, healthful, and interesting vegetarian food from all corners of the world. That's what.

The internet and the cookbook shelves of the local bookstore are flush with recipes that rely on tired ingredients and unimaginative combinations. And most vegetarian cookbooks and bloggers lack balls altogether. I'm going to have a brain hemorrhage next time I open a vegetarian cookbook to a recipe for something like "organic millet rolls with parsley and sea salt." Since when does being a vegetarian mean that we leave flavor and creativity at the door? And since when does the vegetarian diet have to consist only of fiber and soy? Fuck that. I intend to rock out with some spice, a little grease, and a shitload of creativity!

Furthermore, international is more than Mexican and Italian cooking. It's rare that you pick up a so-called "international" cookbook that contains anything of interest from huge swaths of the globe. I can't say I've seen many cookbooks with recipes from Afghanistan, Ghana, or El Salvador, despite the fact that these--and virtually all other regions--have rich culinary traditions that are well worth exploring.

So here it is: my attempt at a food blog. It is largely vegetarian (for now), and hopefully full of new ideas and flavors that will inspire you to crank up some music, pour a giant cocktail, and get down to business in the kitchen.

Let me know what you think!

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